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Last month we launched the biggest marketing campaign in our company’s history centred on organisations ‘defying distance’ by using video.


This got me thinking about what does this really mean for organisations today? Is this really just about travel costs?  The simple answer is no, it is so much more.  We recently completed a video case study with one of our customers in New Zealand, the Canterbury and West Coast District Health Board.  Interestingly a paediatrician has used video collaboration to provide lifesaving medical care to children in remote parts of New Zealand.



It’s inspiring to see how medical professionals are transforming lives by using a range of communications technology. Video allows the parents increased access and connectivity to what is going on with their child – something that must be a great comfort to them during such a stressful time. As you can see, the specialist can also use his own device, in this case a tablet, to allow him to consult even from his home.


We live in a world filled with distance. Distance between problem and solution, confusion and understanding, fiction and fact, and as we see here: even sickness and treatment. The solution in the video clearly defies more than just the physical distance between the doctor and the family.


If a paediatrician can deploy video collaboration solutions to help critically ill children imagine what the rest of us can do in our day to day working lives, regardless of the industry we work in. Here is some inspiration to get you thinking about video in ways you might not have before. I look forward to your thoughts on this and to sharing further examples with you in the future.


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