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NEWS FLASH:  What will be the future state of the healthcare industry as we look out to 2025 and beyond?  Take Polycom’s global Healthcare survey now to have your say.


Why is the healthcare industry one of the most advanced when it comes to using video collaboration to drive business, namely patient care?  I think the answer is three fold:


  1. Increasing numbers of patients – and in Asia we are seeing an ageing population that is going to play into this.
  2. Spiraling costs of healthcare delivery – therefore the industry needs to leverage technological solutions to help peg cost whilst still maintaining patient care.
  3. Distributed communities – again across Asia Pacific we have both the largest populations globally and some of the largest geographies.

The healthcare video here shows how the medical staff are leveraging tablet technology, according to Comp TIA in 2012 25% of healthcare practices were already using tablet devices.  With Gartner’s prediction that PCs, tablets, ultramobiles and mobile phones will reach 2.5 billion units shipped in 2014  the number being used in industries such as healthcare is set to sky rocket.


Ease of use is now a key part of the equation, Polycom provides free of charge from Android and Apple stores our enterprise grade video collaboration software.  Add to this, Polycom innovations such as SmartPairing that allows a user to easily move a video call from your tablet device and easily add that caller to a group of people meeting on a room based system, tablet devices start to become a very powerful tool when conducting and controlling video collaboration.


Applications and uses such as those depicted in this video are only the start as businesses look to harness the power of human collaboration.


Healthcare Video (below)


  • In this 1 minute video we show the Future of Healthcare and how tablet devices are changing the way we engage and manage patient care. In fact the Future is NOW!!
  • The opening scene shows a medical professional using his tablet to share a CT scan of the patient’s brain with the other medical staff.
  • With the use of Polycom’s innovative SmartPairing technology the medical professional can seamlessly share the image from the tablet to the conference screen, in this case a smartboard.
  • The medical professional can then annotate the record to highlight any areas of concern or interest – this is in real time with all participants using a tablet devices.



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