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As a marketer who has worked across the region, I have long held the belief that Asia Pacific companies would use tools that help boost their productivity and communication, in order to improve time to market and establish themselves as global powerhouses.


Companies here are moving ahead of the global curve as they have always had to defy distance and collaborate effectively with dispersed work teams. We have just completed an interesting exercise by analysing this year’s Forbes Asia Fab 50 list. We found that 74 per cent of these top performing companies use Polycom for their collaboration needs. 


I predicted as we started this decade that most of our solutions would be deployed outside the boardroom and that they would be at the leading edge of our customers’ mission critical operations – and that is now being realised.  Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, a Polycom customer who features in this year’s Asia Fab 50 is a great example of a leading pharmaceutical company in India deploying video globally to improve the approval process and time to market for their products. You can read more about how Polycom serves the majority of the Asia Fab 50 here and read about Dr. Reddy’s here.


When you look across the list of Asian companies that made this year’s Forbes list, as you would expect, China and India do dominate in terms of numbers of companies represented. But what is fascinating is that these companies cut across all industries: electronics; technology; pharmaceutical; paint manufacturing; consumer and luxury goods; and financial just to call out a few. Companies in every industry have developed processes and practices that use voice and video collaboration to improve the way they do business – from customer service at the front end through to improved quality control at the back end. 


I certainly look forward to sharing the innovative ways in which leading companies are transforming their business thanks to unified communications and collaboration in future blog posts.

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