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I’m sure it’s happened to most of you…especially the iPhone users out there. If you have ‘App-Alert’ OCD like I do, you would have upgraded to the latest OS after seeing that glaring red circle with the numeral 1 over “Settings” appear, promptly irking you into action. But then horror ensues – no new emails are coming in! Email on my phone is DOWN! How will I get through the day/night/my life?!


Yet take yourself backwards in time about eight years and the concept of having a smartphone which gave you access to feature-rich, html emails or HD video collaboration (clearly I don’t mean the Blackberry), was probably not commonplace. For the tablet, it took merely four years from the launch of the first-gen iPad to penetrate the workplace and establish itself as the indispensable business tool it is to many of us.


So when I spoke about “The Video-enabled Collaborative Workspace of the Future”, at the recent Corenet Global Discovery Forum in Singapore, I really actually meant that the Future is already here. Now.


In a business environment where companies have to reduce operating costs, increase productivity and continuously enhance company value, it makes sense to empower the largest item on the balance sheet – people. By enabling employees to be more productive and more engaged, companies CAN reap greater returns in the form of innovation, creativity, productivity and that really difficult thing called competitive advantage.


Polycom’s vision of the Collaborative Workspace is more than a building or an office, or a desk. It’s more than merely putting people next to one another and saying “Go work together to solve/create/strategise”. It’s where collaboration technology – video, voice, presence – liberates employees and delivers the freedom to work wherever, whenever and however they choose. It measures results and accomplishments instead of physical presence in the office. Thereby empowering employees to develop that culture of collaboration and be more productive, in order to ultimately deliver greater company value.


Are you already working in a video-enabled collaborative workspace today? If not, get started. As a first port of call, there are many useful resources on our website. And if you don’t know where to begin, if you run into problems, or if you have any questions at all – leave a comment here or get in touch. We’ll be happy to offer advice.



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ABOVE: Staff in Polycom's offices across Asia Pacific use many different types of video-enabled collaborative workspace. Pictured are examples of Steelcase furniture with integrated Polycom video collaboration solutions in our Melbourne and Tokyo offices.


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