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What do you first think of when you hear the words video mobility?  Is it someone on a smartphone having a video chat?  Is it someone sat at a computer with a video session occurring within a web browser? 


At Polycom we believe that video mobility applies to both these situations and more.  To us, video mobility is all about leveraging the power of life-like visual collaboration and extending the experience to all aspects of a business or organisation.  


Whether it is enabling a manufacturer to bring a remote expert directly to the production line over video, or providing tools to HR to enable simple & secure recruitment interviews to be done in a web browser Polycom is committed to enabling video collaboration across all networks and devices.  


In this series of articles we will explore the different technologies that are available today, emerging technologies such as WebRTC as well as look at best practices for an organisation that is looking to implement a mobile video strategy.  The intention is to help provide you with insights and tips to help your organisation operate more efficiently and effectively and truly leverage the power that video collaboration can enable.  Also if there are specific topics or areas you would like to see discussed please let us know.


Come with us on this journey and take a step into the future a future that that delivers video anywhere to any device on any network.

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