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Roger.jpgCloud-first collaboration infrastructure software, flexible pricing and deployment options, and powerful options are all terms that come to mind when we talk about Polycom’s Polycom® RealPresence ClaritiTM  solution.


But what do these all mean for our customers and how will RealPresence Clariti address their collaboration challenges?  Roger Farnsworth, Polycom’s Senior Director, Infrastructure and Services Solutions Marketing was recently in Asia Pacific and helped us learn more.  



In a few words what are the key benefits of RealPresence Clariti to our customers, our partners and for Polycom?

RealPresence Clariti brings HD audio, video, content and web collaboration to organisations of all sizes. It’s simple, powerful and cloud-ready.


What are the biggest challenges customers face in choosing collaboration solutions? How does RealPresence Clariti address these?

Today, many vendors of collaboration solutions are more focused on selling their technology than they are on customer requirements and desires.  Polycom, with RealPresence Clariti, has created a simple way to focus on user requirements and experiences, design and deliver solutions to their problems, and take the complex technological discussions out of the initial sales engagements.  With RealPresence Clariti we do three important things:  meet customer needs directly; reduce the amount of time it takes to design and deliver a workable solution; and increase overall adoption and satisfaction.


What are the top 5 things customers should know about RealPresence Clariti?

  1. Polycom offers the most powerful and flexible collaboration solution available.
  2. RealPresence Clariti includes all the features and functions that customers need for high-quality visual collaboration in one, simple, easy to purchase format.  
  3. RealPresence Clariti is offered in term (subscription) form, and in perpetual licensing –  with powerful hardware appliance options available.
  4. The solution can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, and has powerful hybrid cloud options.
  5. New, streamlined deployment services offers make the delivery of RealPresence Clariti more flexible and affordable.


Subscription or perpetual licensing – what does this mean in terms of RealPresence Clariti and what are their key benefits?

Many customers want to consume technology in subscription form to lower initial costs, get predictable solution and service pricing, and take advantage of their operational, as opposed to capital, budget to acquire solutions.  Term licenses address these desires.  Other customers will have policy or budgetary requirements to acquire technology outright.  Perpetual licenses allow them to pay up front for the technology and adding on required services.



What other services offers are available to our customers?

Polycom and our partners offer a complete portfolio of services for driving customer success - from designing and supporting to optimising and managing. For example, RealAccess Analytics Basic version is included with every RealPresence Clariti purchase and one-year or three-year subscriptions of the full version of RealPresence Analytics are available as well. Remote Monitoring and Management services are also available for customers interested in outsourcing some or all of the day-to-day operation of their RealPresence Clariti solution. Other services include envisioning, solution design, Advantage Plus, voice services for  Skype for Business and many more. 


What are the main drivers behind offering concurrent user licenses?

First, customers understand per-user licensing. It’s how they buy the majority of their software, and it aligns with the way they prefer to consume their solutions. Second, the per-user licensing model democratises access to visual collaboration. Unlike named-host models, where only a small number of users are granted access to the technology, and in many cases have to be present when it’s used, per-user makes the capability available to everyone, but only charges when it’s actively used.  



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