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Immersive StudioIn the latest issue of its 360 Magazine, Steelcase published an interesting article entitled, “Making Distance Disappear.” Even those of you not already aware probably won’t be surprised to hear that Steelcase, a global provider of workplace solutions, has a thriving research division that looks at the ways that people work – essentially studying and designing for the evolving Workplace of the Future.


The article explores the growing trend towards virtual teams and more collaborative work. It describes the concept of “presence disparity” and sites a number of research studies on the opportunities and pitfalls of using video conferencing to close the gap. David Woolf, General Manager of Steelcase Integrated Technologies, is quoted in the article as saying, “Distance can’t be a barrier for a business that wants to innovate and compete in business today.”


The piece closes by describing six things to consider when designing for distributed teams. Check out the article and please add you thoughts on this topic by leaving a comment here. Enjoy.

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