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Jeff Rodman
Polycom Employee

Polycom was invited to appear on a panel discussing "The Future of Work" at a Crowd Companies salon last evening.  The event was beautifully hosted by Adobe in their San Francisco facility, and fueled by a seemingly-endless source of unusually delectable appetizers, drinks, and a buffet dinner.  The beverage menu alone ranged from four waters, Coke and other bubby treats, through some very nice wines, to a variety of beers including several made per constantly-changing, crowd-sourced specifications by Mobcraft Brewery


Attendance was about 50 people from a wide swath of Bay Area businesses (Polycom was represented by Niki, Lindsay, Mark, Patrick and me), but all having a common interest in where business is going: the continuing transition from one employee/one job and all employees/one location, to (as the keynote speaker observed) a world of  WaaS (Work as a service) and "office" as a verb.


I suspect the panel was selected by drawing tickets from a fishbowl because every person at the event was insightful, engaged, had a new perspective, and would have been a great panel choice.  As the evening progressed and we were given a tour of Adobe's innovative and wildly varied work spaces, I discovered that the role of "ad hoc meeting-space analyst" had somehow become adhered to me ("hey let's get Jeff in here, Jeff, what do you think of this one?"). 


The evening was thought-provoking, tasty, and illuminating.  I did not talk with one person who didn't come away with new ideas and new avenues to pursue.  

The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now.

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