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Dear Polycom Touch Control,


Let’s be honest. Our relationship started out with the best of intentions, but frankly I need to move on.


For a while, your ability to help me with my visual collaboration was welcome.  Once I figured out your quirks, I was able to make the connections I need to see and work with other people and content.  But I never really liked having to wait on you – you kind of lag behind me.  And you’re just hard to get along with, even confusing at times. 


Polycom Touch Control, I just want an easier relationship.  And I’ve found it with the new Polycom RealPresence Touch.  It is so responsive – I can select what I want, when I want it, and things happen fastRealPresence Touch is clear, easy to use, and welcomes my suggestions for ways to make the experience more personal.  


It was great while it lasted, but I’m moving on...




On to Simpler and Better Collaboration


Wow, really!  Sheesh!  


I miss the old Polycom.  The one that fixed their mistakes, not joked about them when announcing a new product.


Oh, and not only do we have to buy a new touch panel, but our HDX endpoints which we've spent MILLIONS of dollars on (we've got about 1000 of them) aren't compatible with the new touch control, so cough up for new endpoints too.

Polycom Employee

@Trevor_V - my post was an attempt to let people know about our new solution in a light-hearted way, so I apologize if that fell flat.  I do appreciate your feedback and your desire to want to continue with the HDX.  It has been a workhorse solution for the industry since it was introduced in 2006 and I love hearing from loyal customers who are happy with their solutions. 


While we've added new features like H264 High Profile, Smart Pairing, VisualBoard and other advancements to the HDX over the years, to really move forward with new capabilities we introduced a new platform, the Group Series, and not everything is back compatible. 


I'd be happy to talk with you further and appreciate that you took the time to comment.



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