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A Familiar Face

His laugh was contagious. Loud, booming and full of life, just like it had sounded when he spoke of his family and home in Samoa. His giant smile looked exactly as it did in the movie, the kind of grin so wide that it actually made you smile yourself when you saw it.


This powerful moment that I experienced during the Sundance Film Festival wasn’t one I had alone, I was experiencing this with 200 others in the audience at the iconinc Egyptian Theatre. We had just watched the premier of the latest film from Josh Fox, “How to Let Go of the World (And Love the Things Climate Can’t Change).” This powerful documentary on climate change included characters from 12 countries on 6 continents, sharing their stories of unity and the fight again climate change.



































At the end of the film, director Josh Fox got on stage with several members of the documentary. Then, halfway through the Q+A session, a familiar face appeared on the big screen: the audience gasped and then cheered. It was the very memorable character from Samoa, who in the film had led a group of “climate warriors” to battle against massive oil rigs.

When Josh asked if the audience had any questions for the remote guest, multiple hands shot up into the air. “How are things going with the movement?” “How is your newborn son? What did you name him?” It was as if the audience was speaking to an old friend they hadn’t seen in a while.


The Sundance Experience

When I spoke to a moviegoer after the film premier, she said “I felt close, like I actually knew him. You see him go through so much in the movie, to have him there and larger than life and in the same room with you, it makes you feel so much more connected.”  


At Sundance, it’s all about the experience. With Polycom, the experience is even better when you can have a live conversation with the actors, directors, or producers of a film. interact with actors, directors and film makers by allowing for live interviews from remote locations at the festival screenings. An official provider for the Sundance Institute, Polycom’s voice, video and content collaboration impacts many facets of the creative process throughout the film festival and enabling participation for remote attendees. 

Other filmmakers, like Alan Berg, are using video inmany other ways as part of their creative process. Check out this video form our #FilmmakerSeries to learn more! 



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