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Earlier this week we held a two-hour media event, “Around the World in 60 Minutes - How Our Customers are Adapting to the Changing Workplace,” that lasted nearly three hours in front of the beautiful New York skyline. 


The power of video was apparent even before the event. As arriving media, customers and attendees prepared their coffee and their notepads, they were serenaded by video by talented singers and piano players from the Manhattan School of Music.  Songs ranged from beautiful opera pieces, to “Do you want to build a snowman” from the popular Disney movie, “Frozen.”MSM.png


Shortly after 11am, Ed Spencer, Director, DMH Tele-psychiatry from the South Carolina Dept. of Mental Health, joined nine top tier journalists, Polycom co-founder Jeff Rodman, Polycom’s Senior Vice President Worldwide Engineering and Product Management, Ashan Willy and Michael Frendo, Executive Vice President Engineering in the New York RealPresence Immersive Studio room.  The room was connected to our RealPresence Immersive Studio in London where Marco Landi, Polycom EMEA Theater President, sat with 9 top-tier reporters and analysts and two esteemed customers, Veronica Southern, Extended Scope Practitioner, Principal Speech and Language Therapist and Kristian Madsen, Head of Project Development for VUC Storstrom.


On display?  The workplace of the future.


Over the course of three hours, Polycom and its customers took the media and analysts on a trip through the collaboration ecosystem. Jeff Rodman opened the event with his view of the workplace of the future and the 25 years of Polycom.


Michael Frendo and Ashan Willy brought everyone up to speed on the market and the pillars of the workplace of the future. They took the audience through the evolution of the market – who the players are and where. They also took the audience through the 4 digital workplace archetypes including controlled or real spaces, collaboration spaces, personal desktop and mobile. After providing a look into current and future solutions at a high level, the event turned to the customer panel, which captivated the audience further.


Each story was as compelling as the previous. NATO (Gus Mommers), NHS (Veronica Southern), VUC Storstrom (Kristian Madsen), Manhattan School of Music (Gabe Gordon and Christianne Orto) and the South Carolina Department of Mental Health (Ed Spencer) all told individual stories that capitvated the entire audience – from media to Polycom executives.


After Ed Spencer took a moment to share his department’s current successes, which have led to more than $32 million in tax payer savings, Veronica Southern explained her program and mission and the importance of helping stroke victims re-learn how to swallow again.frendony.png


Mission critical? How about Gus Mommers, of NCI Agency (NATO) which relies on Polycom solutions to achieve instant communication to help save lives in compromised areas. Or how about Gabe Gordon, who shared the story of how one student with autism, has a difficult time with his music instructors being in the same room. Video helped him achieve a music education by connecting live with an instructor. Distance learning? How about Kristian Madsen – whose institution relies on Polycom to connect potential soccer superstars to instructors to ensure they achieve academic success that mirrors their athletic accomplishments.


Two of Polycom’s best demonstration specialists – Sam Kennedy and Caitlin Thompson – provided a demonstration of recently announced technology that represents the three pillars of Polycom’s workplace of the future position of experience, workspace and workflow.  Among the products demonstrated, Sam and Caitlin shared our most recent solutions announced, including Group Convene, RealAccess, RealConnect, Eagle Eye Producer and Acoustic Fence.


Sam and Caitlin also provided a sneak peek as to what’s coming on June 16th (stay tuned).

As many headed for the elevators shortly after the final demonstration, the refrain from our guests was positive. I heard comments such as:

“This was great.  Thank you so much for inviting me”; “Please keep me up to date and if you do more of these in the future, I want to be invited”; and “These technologies are really incredible. I’ll hold embargo on the new stuff I saw today but can I write about RealConnect and RealAccess?”

Our position on the workplace of the future was met with great enthusiasm across the reporter and analyst group and encourages us as we move forward with our position.


We welcome you to join into the conversation by visiting our news site and/or follow the hashtag #PolycomHour’



The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now.

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