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Do you know what Green IT is? Or, better yet, Eco design? Ask any young computer engineer now, though, and they’ll tell you. After speaking to a few of them myself, I’ve learned that Eco design assumes the effect a product has on the environment. Green IT is the study and practice of using computers and IT resources in a more efficient and environmentally responsible way. It includes design, manufacturing, usage, and disposing of computers, servers, printers, monitors, etc.


This is a major concern for our planet and numerous organizations have pulled the alarm! Statistics are frightening. According to Olivier Philippot, president of the Green Lab Code: “Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is dirty! That’s right. It’s dirty! Today the digital consumption of our computers, our tablets, our phones spews out as much pollution as air traffic. That’s more than 2% of the greenhouse gas emission. In the past 10 years, your PC’s life has been cut in half!”


And this is a problem the new generation of engineers is going to have to solve.


And so…ESAIP, an engineering university in Angers, France organizes a yearly challenge to raise the global awareness on the importance of eco-design, and train our future computer engineers to make the next generation of software more energy efficient.


The challenge: teams had 48hrs to find the best solution to optimize the resource consumptions of an open source application.

More than 340 coders, students and professionals, from 15 different cities participated in the Green Code Lab Challenge, which took place on from November 26-28. Students from ESAIP, ISTIA and ESEA (Engineering schools in France) challenged teams from 12 cities in France (Angers, Nantes, Brest, Arras, Bordeaux, Dijon, Lyon, Montpellier, Paris) and in Europe (Aalborg, Denmark, Trier, Germany, Madrid, Spain) -


Where did the lab take place? Well everywhere and anywhere, really. All of the participating sites were connected via video conference for the full 48 hours using Polycom RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite. With the collaborative technology connected non-stop for the duration of the contests, the sites participated to the opening and closing ceremonies, joined various breakout conferences, and on the final day, each team had 10 minutes to present their project to the groups.  

You could feel the innovation, collaboration and fun atmosphere the students had in working together with a common objective. Eco-designing is cool! Coding is cool! Creation is cool. And, most importantly, it’s clean! We can be assured that these young great minds will take care of our planet, and do what they can to protect it.

For now, the winning team ESAIP Angers, team “Gream ESAIP” is off to San Francisco to celebrate.san fran.jpg


Polycom congratulates all of the participants! We are proud to have been able to support the event.




I personally have learned a lot in the past few days about Green IT, and will do my best to be a clean ICT consumer and an ambassador of the Green Code!


To find out more about the challenge and eco-conception please visit :

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