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First and foremost, Polycom is a collaboration company. When people hear the word “Polycom,” we want them to think of powerful, human collaboration experiences before they ever think about our innovations, products or services. We thrive on providing solutions to real problems through collaboration. By working with us, our customers become collaboration companies, institutions and agencies.




With that in mind, we are building a bigger presence in blogging, which is a great way to carry on two-way conversations long after the last trade show, Webinar, networking event or meeting. Communication and collaboration are in our DNA, and we want to reflect that here on our new company blog, part of a network of both new and existing Polycom blogs.


That network of blogs will all include “View” in their name, as we want people to know they can come here not only to get our view, but also to share their views and engage with us. Oh, and “View” also offers a nice double entendre for “view” as in “video” as in “you are in view during video collaboration…”  OK, OK, I think you get it.


Here you can get the latest thoughts, help and expertise on collaboration from experts in multiple industries (healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, government and more), the ridiculously smart people on our engineering teams, our executive leadership, and Polycom people all around the world. Equally as important – you can connect and engage with them right here on “The View.” I truly hope you will.


Leave a comment below and let me know what you’d like to talk about here on The View


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