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This week the Public Sector view posted an article on how modern students have and continue to demand more flexible school days and access to more collaboration. On Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula two educators, Rob Sparks and Greg Zorbas, continue to push the envelope, offering their students distinct learning opportunities utilizing video and unified communications. Keep reading to see what Greg and Rob had to say:


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This is so awesome! Im so glad to have been apart of such an amazing program for 3 years!!

Occasional Visitor

What a great article! Happy to be a part of this great program. 

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It has been so much fun, so glad I got to be apart of this group.

matt zorbas
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This class has been a great experience and has changed my thoughts on what I would like to do after high school by seeing the different areas of video conferencing that you can work in and the high demand for it now of days. Would not have been possible with out Mrs. Shuck, Mr. Zorbas, and Mr. Sparks.
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So happy to experience this amazing program. It has definitely in lightened me im the video conferencing world. I hope to utilize it after highschool. Big thank yous to Mrs. Shuck, Mr. Zorbas, and Mr. Sparks for leading the way through this class, and teaching us about the Polycom and video conferencing world.


It's amazing to be apart of this wonderful program. Thanks to Mr. Zorbas and Mr. Sparks for making this class possible.

Patricia Catacutan
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I am so glad to be apart of this program. I am thankful to the people that are involve of this organization. If it wasn't for this program, I would've met my peers from other country and know about their culture and life. This program really help students to communicate to others from other country and learn about their daily life. Thank you and hope to continue this wonderful program. 

Ashlyn Branning
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im so happy i got to take this class, in the Two years that ive taken this clss ive been ablt to communicate with so many people around the world that i probably wouldnt have been able to connect with, outside of this class. World Relations has shown me the great need of trained telecommunicaters all over the world in almost every industry, and im currently looking into a job that requires the skills ive accuired from this class is needed in.

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Great article and I love working with everyone on this... im so glad I got the oppertunity to be a part of this as many kids dont get such an experience.

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Well written article! I'm so happy to be apart of this program and meet the people I do.  I've made a lot friends over the past year and was able to take year 1&2 last semster but re-took year 2 this semester to be with my grade level (all year 3 is juniors and seniors).  On the other hand, it has taught me how to handle certain situations, talk to adults, and over look the little things. A lot of people don't get to experience this so i'm glad I did!

Evony Stuller
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Thank you, great article. Just to expand personally, I almost didn't join this class because I heard that it was "hard", but I did and I love it. It's really fun talking to people all over the world, I actually really like when we talk to people who tell us about their job and a little about their life and how they got to where they are now. I'm at this point of time where I need to actually consider what I want to do with my life and it really helps hearing different job options. Every time we video conference with someone new they tell such great stories, it makes me want to do what they do. So before this class I was really bad with public speaking but now i've really improved, that's another reason why I really like this class. My first hour class is just focused on video conferencing but my second hour class is world history with video conferencing. For world history we do collaborative projects with students in Homer, Alaska every school day using video conferencing technologies then we present over Polycom to both classrooms together. I actually did a collaborative project with Homer about the invention of the telephone compared to Polycom systems today and it was super cool because like six people who worked for Polycom watched our presentation and one of them was the co-founder of Polycom, Jeffrey Rodman. I'm excited to continue this class next year and i'm making my little sister take this class because it really helps improve with public speaking, which is a great skill to have. I hope other schools start teaching this class because it's most likely something our generation will need in the future for after high school. Just the other day we video with a man who said that when we are looking for a jump start in our career to give him a call and he'll help us out, which to me is so cool because it's really who you know and with video conferencing that makes it so much easier. I want to thank Mr. Zorbas, Mr. sparks, and Mrs. Shuck for giving me this awesome experience.

-Evony Stuller

Mr. Zorbas’ class, Kenai Central High School  

Mara Y-Brown
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This is a great article! Thank you to Polycom for helping through this very cool new curriculum. Big shoutout to our teachers for giving us this great opportunity as high school students. I think it's great that we're getting this exposure because I really think it would be very good if classes like this were available across the United States. Technology is becoming such an important part of all our lives, and our generation has grown up with the whole world in our hands. It's very exciting to see where this will lead! Thanks again for the great article!

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