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Living and working abroad has been my lifelong dream, I always thought it would just be a dream. Little did I know after almost three years of working for Polycom that I would be given the opportunity of a lifetime. After reading a colleagues post on The View regarding Remote Year, I was inspired to apply for the program about eight months ago. Once I was accepted, I was over the moon and ready to start the preparation process.

What is Remote Year?

Remote Year is a startup that provides 75 professionals with a co-working space as well as accommodation to live and travel aboard to 12 different cities (10 countries) for an entire year. The program has received over 60,000 applications since their inaugural trip last year and has launched five groups of Remote Years thus far. The program offers participants the opportunity to network with likeminded digital nomads, and experience new cultures.

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My life as a Digital Nomad.

Working as digital nomad is a phenomena among millennials, breaking the boundaries of the conventional workplace by working from anywhere and still achieving the same success. Thanks to Polycom’s collaboration solutions and technology which enable their employees, partners and customers to work from anywhere, I am able to participate in the program.

The preparation process was overwhelming and stressful to say the least, now that I’ve arrived in Prague safely, it was all worth it. As I walked into the work space, fully equipped with desks, conference rooms, chargers, and reliable Wi-Fi, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to participate in the program. Day one, I was ready to settle in and get started working in my new work environment!

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None of this could’ve been done without the support of my team and especially from my manager who helped me make this dream come true. I would also like to thank my Polycom colleagues in the Herndon, Virginia office for their ongoing support of my journey. Additionally, this program is a significant financial investment that I am able to make thanks to the support of Polycom by allowing me to work remotely for an entire year. I’m not sure what will happen in a couple of months, but I do know that life is about taking risks. And here I go!


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