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In an increasingly complex world with constantly changing technologies, and mountains of data that threaten to overwhelm us, we need to work smarter, not harder. Polycom RealAccess is a cloud-based service delivery platform that gives you the power of actionable information about your collaboration environment right at your fingertips. With RealAccess, you can get three powerful services designed to help you increase adoption, improve utilization, easily manage your collaboration devices, and improve your users’ experiences.


Ever wonder wrealaccess-screen-200x200px-16883.jpghere your endpoints are? How many you have or what types are in use? Are all your video endpoints running the latest software release… or the same release? Tired of using spreadsheets to keep track? With Asset Management, you get detailed, sortable, information about ALL your endpoints. Track the type, location, software release, serial number and more – no matter where in the world they are.


Do you have the tools in place to understand the utilization, capacity, and performance of your collaboration tools? Polycom RealAccess Analytics compiles metrics to measure and analyze calls, duration, and system types, view trends of bridge utilization, and understand errors – count, cause, and trends with intuitive, graphical dashboards that allow you to make more informed, decisions on diagnosing, enhancing, or expanding your deployment.


Do you need to drive higher adoption and utilization, while reducing helpdesk calls? The Tutorial Library offers more than 60 short how-to training videos on the most common endpoints that help your users become more comfortable with video collaboration tools.


All three of these services are enabled by the Polycom RealAccess Service Delivery Platform, a secure, cloud-based solution that brings the power of actionable information to bear on complex business processes. Innovative apps and service offerings open access to important actionable information and resources creating unique value for all participants.


Polycom believes in a success-focused partnership between customers and partners. To help you work smarter, not harder and get the answers you need to accelerate value, achieve measurable business success, and make continuous improvements to your collaboration environment, contact your Polycom representative today and request a demo of RealAccess.


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