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Yesterday was the official kickoff of Sundance 2016. Once a year, 50,000 people pour into this tiny ski town to celebrate independent films. Each year, 200 independent films are selected from all over the world to be featured at the festival. The creativity and buzz can be seen everywhere, the vibrant sights and sounds standing out against a white snowy wonderland.


Whether you’re a filmmaker, storyteller, creative, or movie lover, the Sundance experience is a unique one that really captures the magic of film. But behind the big screen, there’s a lot going on to pull off this major production than you'd ever realize.


Video Behind the Big Screen

The Sundance Film Institute is building a new experience for attendees at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival with the help of Polycom, using the Group Series, RealPresence Desktop and RealPresence Debut as a communication portal to bring world-famous directors and filmmakers in remote locations to live events and audience discussions. 


Polycom collaboration solutions are opening new ways for the audience to interact with actors, directors and film makers by allowing for live interviews from remote locations at the festival screenings. An official provider for the Sundance Institute, Polycom’s voice, video and content collaboration impacts many facets of the creative process throughout the film festival and enabling participation for remote attendees. Polycom provides premise-based video services so network control is never compromised, as well as cloud-based video collaboration service with streaming capabilities to broadcast events to a worldwide audience.


Sundance Institute is using Polycom solutions to help to minimize scheduling and travel conflicts while also minimizing production times. The use of video is also preventing projects from going over budget since editing can now be done live and collaboratively, even from disparate locations. Frequent collaboration and real time-access allows for a more cost-effective delivery of the final content.


Perfecting the Art of Storytelling

Part of the magic of Sundance is that it brings the audience closer to the creative process. After movie screenings are finished, audiences have the chance to engage live with directors, producers and actors and ask questions about the film. But often times, people who are involved with the film can’t make it to the festival, due to other filming schedules, location, or even bad weather. For that, they use Polycom.


For the second year in a row, Sundance is using Polycom video technology to magnify the voices of storytellers. And when you’ are presenting to an audience full of creatives and artists, you have to have the best in the industry. “In the past we’ve had a lot of requests to bring in people remotely and sometimes we’ve had some pretty poor results. With Polycom we’ve seen that come together, where we have an easy solution, but it’s also enterprise grade and it works,” said Justin Simmons, Sundance Institute Associate Director of Technology Services.


Want to learn more about Polycom and Sundance? Follow us over the next two weeks as we go live on the scene at Sundance Festival 2016! Sneak peek here.  

The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now.

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