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Bob Knauf
Polycom Employee

We have all seen remote reporters, guests and celebrities come in live on the news or other programs using something other than a satellite truck.  For many years you would see that little logo from the "S" company.  However, over the past few years, Hollywood, Bollywood and beyond have tasked Polycom to provide a higher quality solution to give users at home a more "broadcast" look and feel. 


Shows such as Dr. Phil, The Doctor's, Style POP, Swift Justice, Conan, The Late Show and many more have counted on Polycom to bring in guests and correspondents in high quality with incredible audio and video.  With a minimum amount of setup on the backend, Polycom solutions can integrate into the audio and video mixing equipment in any studio.  The Group Series will act as the hub for inbound and outbound communications which will connect digitally to the infrastructure.  


For the remote participant, they can join from their laptop or tablet using RealPresence Desktop, Mobile or CloudAXIS.


Style POP


Beyond the cost savings of travel expenses which could easily reach up to $300,000 or more per season for a series such as Dr. Phil, the interactivity and the ability to bring in guests with little-to-no notice makes a huge difference.  Dr. Phil even brought in a guest from her RealPresence Desktop client who was afraid to fly and he talked her through the process LIVE from 38,000 feet!


Live from 38,000 feet!


Not all guests will be coming in from an airplane, but I have seen equally exciting remotes done from the beach, prison and even a truck stop.  The key takeaway is that Polycom can provide great audio and video quality, far superior to many solutions in the marketplace using a guest's broadband connection and their computer or other device.  More importantly, Polycom gear is reliable.  You do not want to know what happens if the show has to "stop tape" because of a technical issue.


So next time you are watching TV and you see a guest come in remotely, keep an eye out to see if it is Polycom!


The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now.

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