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Polycom has a long history of promoting integration through delivering and supporting independent technology partners developing products using our documented API extensions.  We encourage our Technology Partners and others to build new solutions that leverage Polycom technologies in new or unique ways.  Two examples (of many) are: 


  • VTC-uRemote
  • RAMP MediaCloud


vtc-uRemote.jpgDeveloper Gary Miyakawa, Inc. has built several tools that make the video conference admin's life easier.  The latest, VTC-uRemote, is a java based tool for simulating the Polycom Group Series/HDX/VSX Video Conferencing Systems' remote control through a single application.  Entering an endpoint's IP address (and password, if required) gives you full "remote" control of the endpoint, just like you were in the room, from a single application. Learn more & download here from Gary Miyakawa, Inc or follow  @garymiyakawa on Twitter.



RAMP MediaCloud™ for Enterprise works together with Polycom's RealPresence Media Manager to allows users to more easily manage, find, share, and interact with all enterprise video ramp.pngcontent. After recording content, with Media Manager, it is automatically sent to RAMP to generates text transcripts and metadata from the recording.  It's then placed back in Media Manager where the metadata produced enable key word search within videos.  Learn more here or see the RAMP Media website or @rampinc on Twitter.




Are you inspired yet?  See code samples and demo applications like "VMR Passcode Management" from people like @vperrin (also check out his helpful blog for info on APIs).  

See all the tools from @GaryMiyakawa like VTC-Call Stream Inspection, VTC-Info, VTC-Monitor and more (you'll also find him helpful in the forums). 



See more solutions in the Technology Partners Community or try the Polycom Technology Partner Locator.  


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