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Bob Knauf
Polycom Employee

It is bound to happen in almost any audio or video call, someone forgets their microphone is not muted.   They reach for a snack or begin shuffling some papers.  That noise quickly bleeds into the conference stopping the meeting and it only takes a second or two before someone says "can you mute please...”  After a few minutes, the off-mute participant finally realizes it is them off mute.  The meeting gets back on-track, but those moments when trying to figure out who is making the noise is painful. 


Polycom NoiseBlock™ technology on the RealPresence Collaboration Server will listen for sounds that are outside of the human voice frequency and block the noise from being sent to the far-end participants.  This algorithm allows for conference calls to remain productive and keep participants from having to say those four words that bring things to a halt.


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