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Being from Maine – and then Boston, it took a lot of snow for schools to close. I remember waiting outside for the school bus in the blustery snowy winter and noting that while neighboring counties had the decency to close their doors, Bangor schools were business as usual. I live in a Virginia county today which makes – shall we say - interesting decisions in the other direction on whet her to close schools. It presents its own set of challenges.


But Tuesday was legitimate.  Depending on where you were, parts of Northern Virginia received between 5-8 inches of snow – a far cry from what our friends in Boston have been getting, but a fair amount for this area.  Schools were closed. Our offices in Herndon were closed.  The Federal Government – also closed.SNOW1.jpg


Me? Well, thanks to the collaboration technology from Polycom, I wasn’t closed.  I was open for business. RealPresence Desktop on my laptop, a comfy chair, a “good” cup of coffee and it was like I was at my desk at work – only when I looked out my window, my daughter was sledding down the hill. My wife, who works as hard as anyone I’ve met – and has a difficult job, had to take a vacation day. She couldn’t defy distance mainly because there isn’t technology where she works that allows her to do so.


These technologies are enabling us to keep business moving without the disruption of snow days. I was happy to remain productive and have a normal workday, even if my workspace is anything but.


What do you do when it’s a snow day where you are?


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