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Adjusting the brightness of the CX5100

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Adjusting the brightness of the CX5100

On my research for our problem, I found out that our problem is nearly similar to this one:

It is labeled as solved, but for me it is not.


It is very diifcult to get a good bright picture of all people who are sitting round the table. Mostly the faces are some kind of dark, and so it's difficult for the partner to distinguish the facial expressions. And that's what videoconferencing is normally all about.


The firmware is up to date and we've installed the ControlPanel software, which is merely useless for our situation.

Through the statuslog I found out that the brightness is set on "auto". So is it possible to change this? Or is it possible in any way to use the videocontrols in Lync, which are available with a lot of other cameras?



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