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Anyway to change the Director II wide shot?

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Anyway to change the Director II wide shot?

Hi all - We've purchased a number of Director II 's that we've paired with GS 700s. The tracking is working great, but I am hoping someone knows of a way to change the default wideshot it uses when it's not displaying a single speaker. 


It currently likes to default to shooting straight ahead, which captures way too much of the ceiling. It's at just under 7' above floor.

I've tried setting the preferred wideshot at preset 0, and using it as either camera 1 or 2, but so far, it still defaults to shooting straight ahead.


All firmware is up to date on endpoint and Director II.


Thanks for the help!

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Re: Anyway to change the Director II wide shot?

Did you try this, from the RP Group Series Admin Guide:






Adjust the Room View



You can adjust the room view on the EagleEye Director to get the best perspective for your video calls.


Do one of the following:

From the local interface, go to >

Settings > Administration > Camera Tracking > Calibration, and then select Begin Calibration.

From the system web interface, go to

Admin Settings > Audio/Video > Video Inputs, and then select the Input used by the EagleEye Director.



Do one of the following:

In the local interface, select

Skip to move to the Adjust Room View screen.

In the system web interface, select

Adjust Room View.



Use the arrow buttons and zoom controls on the remote control or system web interface to show the room view you want far site participants to see.



Finish to save the settings and return to the Camera Settings screen.

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Re: Anyway to change the Director II wide shot?

Those directions work for the Director I we have connected to an HDX 9004 but NOT the Director II. No settings for "set room view" in the web interface or local OSD to do that order of operations on either a GS500 or GS700 paired with the Director II.

I would say this feature is missing and we need a firmware update to do.

I did notice there has been FW releases since I posted for the Director II and GS line, but release notes did not indicate that room view would be added. I will update tomorrow to confirm that.

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Re: Anyway to change the Director II wide shot?

Got around to updating the firmware to the most recent:


GS700: Release -

Director II:


I went through your listed steps and there is still no way to select change room view from either the local or web interface. Can this feature request get submitted from here or is there a better way?

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Re: Anyway to change the Director II wide shot?

Rob,  you need to adjust the analytics camera (small center camera).  Do this by using the remote control, Turn Tracking Off, Aim the remote toward the EEDII,  press the Home button on the remote for 5 seconds, press the up or down arrow to suit the room view you want, then press either right or left arrow button. Turn tracking back on.

This adjusts the room camera view for desired height. 


Other camera controls are located in the GS WebUI under Diagnostics, Audio and Video tests, Camera tracking.



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Re: Anyway to change the Director II wide shot?

Going through these steps, I was able to tilt the analytics camera down, but I don't ever see it's feed used in a call.When the camera goes to a wide shot (no one in the room is speaking), it uses one of the EEIV cams, and goes to a default straight ahead shot that shows lots of ceiling and wall. We really need to be able to set preset 0 to be it's default shot when it's not actively tracking 

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Re: Anyway to change the Director II wide shot?

Hi Rob,


Comparing with EEDI, EEDII is able to do Group Framing as it has the Analytics camera in the middle.  So EEDII will give Group View if there is no speaker instead of empty room view.  In other words, EEDII framing the group automatically and don't use the default setting.

To keep consistent vidoe quanlity/performance, Group Framing (not the PIP) comes from EEIV. 

When there is speaker, Group Framing comes from Analytics camera, it's small and not easy to find out difference.

Tilt Analytics camera can help on Group framing in PIP, and also detecting all pariticipants better.  This won't change the tilt angle of EEIV.  EEIV should provide proper Group View w/o any presetting.   You can change Framing Size to Tight and try again.

Default setting can provide a good room view, but can't change dynamically.  You can do such a test, participants move to different location (all move to one corner and then distribute in the room) and see if Group framing changes.  Please be patient, Group Framing change takes longer time.

If you still think Group Framing is not proper, please take some photos and share with me.

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