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Anyway to dial a Skype for Business Conference ID?

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Anyway to dial a Skype for Business Conference ID?

We have a dozen Group Series 500s with the Skype for Business key that are currently experiencing issues, and I'm attempting a workaround. Our Office 365 service is not behaving, which has caused our Group 500s to lose their calendaring service. We still have SIP authentication, so can make and receive SfB calls to individuals.


I'm trying to see if anyone knows the dialing convention to dial into a Skype Meeting, via the Conference ID that displays in participants' Outlook invite. I've tried this unsuccessfully both in and out of Skype Mode as well as making SIP the preference for call type. While searching for this ability, I found a video from some company called Adkins Global that shows this exact process happening in a user tutorial video, so I'm thinking there's a way to configure for this.


Thanks for the help, here's my current set up:

GS500 and Polycom Touch both running Release - 6.1.3-390050



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