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Atualização GROUP 500

Fernando Leal
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Atualização GROUP 500



Alguém já conseguiu realizar um update de fimware com a chave enviada pela equipe da Polycom em um Group 500 que não esta em suporte de garantia?


Já tentei pelo acesso remoto e por USB e nada !!!


Entrei em contato novamente com a equipe de suporte e me falaram que o problema esta no equipamento, só que estou utilizando o mesmo na versão default 4.1 sem problema nenhum só que gostaria de padronizar na versão 5 iguais aos outros 18 groups de temos na empresa.









Has anyone ever been able to perform an update of fimware with the key sent by the Polycom team in a Group 500 that is not under warranty support?

I already tried the remote access and USB and nothing !!!

I contacted again the support team and they told me that the problem is in the equipment, but I am using the same in the default version 4.1 with no problem whatsoever only that I would like to standardize in version 5 just like the other 18 groups we have in the company.



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Re: Atualização GROUP 500

Not understanding the question but let me elaborate on the 'upgrade' and 'update' 


First it would be helpful to understand a couple of terms:


‘Updates’ is a maintenance release of software.  Generally, will not include any features.


‘Upgrades’ is a release of software that has both maintenance items and new features.


The form of software release numbering is: a.b.c


And ‘upgrade’ is indicated If the number changes in positions a or b and is a chargeable release without an active Polycom services contract.  A change in the a is a ‘major’ release, a change in the b is a minor release.  With a Polycom service contract, you can get a ‘key’ from the product support page and upgrade your system.  Without a service contract you can purchase a ‘license’ which can be used on the product support web page to generate a key in order to upgrade.  Contact your Polycom provider for details and to compare the cost of the license to renewing a service contract.


A Key is good for the version associated with it and all previous versions.  So it a company has standardized on 6.0 and gets a key for 6.1, that key will work with both 6.1, 6.0 and even 5.x software versions.


If the number in the c position changes that is a maintenance release and does not require a key to upgrade.


Polycom’s support policy is available on the support web page,  look under ‘Service Policies’

Please pay particular attention to the End of Life Policy and to the Current Polycom Intraoperability Matrix.  The interop matrix goes into detail of the software versions supported by Polycom.  The End of Life policy goes into detail about the events that are triggered when Polycom announces an End of Sale / End of Life of a product.  Toward the end of that page there is a link to find products that have been announced as End of Life and their timelines.


For you specific issue, without a key you will not be able to upgrade since you are attempting a major upgrade (from 4.1 to 5.0).  It would also be advised when upgrading to do an upgrade to the current software which is available on web site.

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