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Audio problem in video conferencing

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Audio problem in video conferencing

Hello Sir!!!!!!!


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I have configured a new Polycom HDX7000 video conferencing system. When i makes any conferencing with other locations, i can able to listen audio and video form far sites but far sites unable to listen my audio.





Nilachala, JSPL



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Re: Audio problem in video conferencing

what configration you have done for audio??you have polycom table mic or external mic installed with codec.have you cheked staus of mic in admin>audio settings>mics??




Yash Pal



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Re: Audio problem in video conferencing

Also use the audio under diagnostics to see if you have the microphone attached properly.


Is it to only one site, or every site?  You can test to to test video, audio and content.  It is located in the Atlanta area of Georgia, USA.


Make sure the Walta connectors are in the microphone and the codec properly and seated all the way. 


Also make sure someone has not 'unchecked' enable Polycom microphones if you are using the standard Polycom microphones or anything else connected to the CLink2 input. 

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