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Good morning all,


Was skimming around the Real Prescence Group Series manuals and checking the internet but decided to post here.  Has anyone ever set their Polycom system to dial-out automatically?  Is there a setting, that, once the system is booted up and has a network connection it can automatically dial out to another unit or say a video provider such as blue jeans?




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Re: Auto-Dial

Hello summeywise,

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The answer to my knowledge is no. Not on its own.


The GroupSeries does support an API so you could get a 3rd party or yourself to utilize this via a script. 


Information on this is in the FAQ.

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Re: Auto-Dial



I have a device (codec side kick) that could do this automatic dialing (and much more).   It's a small appliance that can be connected directly to the codec (thru RS232 or Telnet) and at boot, dial out to what ever number you like.


It could even be setup, that if the call dropped, it would automatically redial the call.  


This could even place test calls to a specific device (like another codec or bridge) at night and the monitor the statistics of that call to make sure the systems are connecting well.


If you are interested, please take a look at and see if it might be of interest.




Wanna' Test your H.323 System? ( or and
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Re: Auto-Dial

Hi Summywise,

Did you manage to resolve this one.


I find myself wanting to be able to identify the Bluejeans Bridge as a button at the least on the Trio.  At teh moment its a contact on teh directory, however this just isn't goo enough. I'd rather being able to make this a botton on teh bottom of the Trio.  pressing it will automatically dial out.


Keen to hear if you managed to get anywhere with this.




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Re: Auto-Dial

Hello Ikuret,


I did not resolve it, my company does the same with the contact in the directory.  If I resolve this I'll update you.




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Re: Auto-Dial

Will check this out thank you

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Re: Auto-Dial

Thank you for the information

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Re: Auto-Dial

Not an 'auto-dial' but you can use speed dials and kiosk mode.


Enable it under Admin Settings > General Settings > Home Screen settings.


Then set Kiosk mode, turns off the on-screen icons.


They will be able to dial just hitting the number associated with the location.



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Re: Auto-Dial

Hi Summeywise,


I found a partitail solution in my setup.


Basically in S4B I added in as though I was going to place a call to it.

I added thsi to Favorite which seems to now come up on the Trio in teh space where Line3 shoudl reside.


This works, however I would like teh ability to rename the label to BlueJeans.




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