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CX8000 Plug In To Display

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CX8000 Plug In To Display



If anyone can shed light on this problem it would be appreciated. We have a CX8000 installed, and have had considerable problems since purchase.


One big one for us is if a person comes into the boardroom and simply wants to display content on the screen from a laptop.


In theroy (and according to the screen) they can just plug in HDMI/VGA cable and away you go.


However in our case we have to start a whiteboard session, and then change the presenting device and then it works fine.

All very awkward.

They should be able to plug and go (as it says on the screen).

Any suggestions?



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Re: CX8000 Plug In To Display

What brand and model screen are you using?


waht is the software version of the CX8000?

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Re: CX8000 Plug In To Display

We have a DVI male to DisplayPort male cable connected to our CX8000. When someone wants to display to the TV, they push the "Room PC View" button on the touch display.

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