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Call audio or video HDX8000 to HDX7000

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Call audio or video HDX8000 to HDX7000

Good morning,

I will prempt this by saying i am 100% new to this Polycom and have a very minimal understanding of video conferencing.  I will say that i have a little higher level of understanding of networking....


That being said, we were testing a call out between our new Polycom HDX8000 with an offsite HDX7000 unit.   The call connects, but there's no audio or video on our side but the other side can hear and see us.  


We're using a Sonicwall Firewall and our NAT and firewall policies for the Polycom are wide open, and accepting all port ranges, so i don't see how the issue could be in the firewall.  


We also have a Lifesize Team 200 in our building, and the call from the offside to the HDX7000 works like a charm, so i would imagine there's somethign within our HDX8000 or firewall.


Does anyone have any ideas that could point me in the right direction?

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Re: Call audio or video HDX8000 to HDX7000



Read this HDX manual instalation at



- Configuring LAN Properties

- Port Usage


I think after you read this doc you will solve your problem.




André Castro,

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