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Camera Error - Help

Mark Sargison
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Camera Error - Help



We assisted some users yesterday using Realpresence 500 units and the attached error came up during a call. There were no problems when it was just two users connected, but as soon as three connected at the same time, no video could be seen, just the attached error. Any ideas?

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Re: Camera Error - Help

Hi @Mark Sargison,


give us more info about the enviroment, please. What do you use? SIP? SfB? H.323? Which softwareversion is installed? A look at the crystal ball tells me, you maybe have to multipoint license activated on that system.  

Without a MP license only P2P calls are possible. You can have a look under "Options" on your system, there should me a green mark behind Multipoint, if not, we have the solution. ;-)

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Re: Camera Error - Help

was this call on the RMX or point to point with a MP license?

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