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Cameras compatible QDX 6000?

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Cameras compatible QDX 6000?



What are the cameras compatible with QDX 6000? some cameras compatibility matrix?

The cameras used with the HDX 7000 device, are compatible with QDX 6000???



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Re: Cameras compatible QDX 6000?

EagleEye III compatible with QDX6000, see DataSheet for QDX6000

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Re: Cameras compatible QDX 6000?

Cameras supported on QDX and serial applications:


These cameras have been tested and are supported for use on the Polycom QDX 6000 system as either a Primary or secondary camera.


When used as a secondary camera the serial cable (2457-32891-001, see 4.0.1 release notes) must be used for control of the camera.  The 2nd port (video input on DOC and control on SERIAL) does not provide for IR control.  Sony cameras require their own power supply in all cases.  The Polycom cameras require power when used as a secondary camera.


Polycom EagleEye III

Polycom EagleEye QDX

Polycom EagleEye View (see note below)

Polycom PowerCam

Polycom PowerCam Plus, without dynamic Camera Locating capabilities

Sony D30

Sony D70

Sony D100


When using the EagleEye View camera as either the primary or secondary camera the EagleEye View microphones are supported, using the 2457-32890-001 EagleEye View camera QDX cable.  When used as a secondary camera a gender changer (DB9 F/F) will need to be provided by the customer.


Please refer to the release notes for 4.0.1 for additional information as that is the release where a second PTZ camera support was introduced.


When using the QDX serial port for data pass through applications the proper cable needs to be used.  Part number 2457-32892-001.

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