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Can a GS310 accept a 3840x2160 content input?

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Can a GS310 accept a 3840x2160 content input?

We're putting together a new room and are proposing a GS310 paired with a Sony FWD-75X850E, with a native resolution of 3840x2160. I know the GS310's max output to the monitor is 1920x1080,

but for room only events, I want to use a 1:2 HDMI DA to feed the same 3840x2160 source to an independent input on the display to get the full resolution. Same source would also go through the GS310 to a separate input on the display...hopefully at downscaled 1920x1080. I'm worried that if the source is outputting 3840x2160 through a 1:2 DA, that the feed that goes to the GS310 will not be identified. I'm okay with it being down-converted to 1920x1080 for VC events, just don't want to expect the user to change source resolution depending on room mode.

All Kramer parts are 4k60 4:2:0 certified.

Trying to write out the wiring diagram: laptop@3840x2160<HDMI>Kramer DIP-31<CAT6A>Kramer TP-580R<HDMI>Kramer VM20-2Hxl 1:2 DA<HDMI 1>GS310<HDMI>Sony UHD also Kramer VM20-2Hxl 1:2 DA<HDMI 2>Sony UHD



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