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Cannot make/receive video calls - HDX8000/CMAD

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Cannot make/receive video calls - HDX8000/CMAD



Currently we are rolling out our initial Polycom setup, and I'm encountering issues with some of our regional offices that have a VPN connection back to HQ, where the Polycom gear resides.


Right now, anyone in HQ, or in the world at large can connect and make/receive video calls to anyone in HQ, or in the outside world. This works from both CMA Desktop and our HDX's  However, nobody in any connected regional office is able to make or receive video calls. 


Text chat works fine, and the endpoints register with our gatekeeper fine. But as soon as you attempt to make a call from or to one of the CMAD enpoints, the call window immediately closes. The HDX error message is a bit more informative, it says the call is being routed through an intermediate network that doesn't service the far side; that doesn't  seem to match up with what I see on the networking side of things. That also happens when making CMAD-CMAD calls in the same office.


Our Polycom equipment is located in our colo, which is linked to HQ via a LAN extension. The colo contains two firewalls, one is a Cisco ASA 5500. This is our main firewall, and is what sits in front of all our Polycom gear, I believe this is set up properly as we're able to make and receive calls internally and externally, aside from the above mentioned problems. Our second firewall is Microsoft ISA 2005, which is responsible for managing all VPN connections. It is configured to allow all traffic to and from any VPN connection. I believe ISA to be the problem, as it's ISA and 9/10 times I find it is the cause of some network weirdness.


When monitoring all network connections over ISA, I don't see anything being denied. Endpoints connect normally through ISA, just as they do when not going through it. I see an h.232 initiation, and then immediately after a teardown whenever someone in a VPN connected office connects.


I'm very new to Polycom, so apologies if I'm overlooking something incredibly simple. Any help would be very appreciated.

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Re: Cannot make/receive video calls - HDX8000/CMAD


Networking issues like this may be too involved for this forum. I suggest contacting support where it is easier to ask questions and get answers quickly.  Also if we need logs or traces we can request them.


The error message you are seeing on the HDX typically means that the HDX is trying to call on a transport that does not exist.  For example if it an IP call but only ISDN or SIP is available to the HDX.   It may also be a gateway issue if you are using one or some routing issue.


Contact Support numbers on the link below.

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Re: Cannot make/receive video calls - HDX8000/CMAD

Thanks Ken.


I've reconfigured the clients to connect over the internet, rather than going over the VPN to ISA, but sill receiving the same problem. Looks like I'll be calling support.


Also, this forum behaves really weirdly in Chrome. I keep getting a notice that my authentication has failed, and attempting to make a capital 'a' by holding down shift, treats it like a ctrl+a instead.

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