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Compability Polycom and Adobe Connect

Clio Mello
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Compability Polycom and Adobe Connect



It's my first message here at The Polycom Community and I have a doubt about compability for Polycom realPresence Group700.

- Are there any possibilities of record a videoconference?!

- Today we use Adobe Connect to do Videoconferences. Adobe Connect provides a link where the users can participate on this Conference but just to watch the images and don't be seen. Is Polycom compatible with Adobe Connect and its services of provide this link to watch videoconference images?!


Thank you.


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Video EP PLM
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Re: Compability Polycom and Adobe Connect

Polycom video conferencing supports the internationals standards for videoconferencing.  This incudes H.323 and SIP for IP networks.  If Adobe Connect supports those standards then there should be interoperability.


You can also refer to the release notes for the product in question and it will list all the products Polycom has tested with, and supports.

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Clio Mello
Occasional Advisor

Re: Compability Polycom and Adobe Connect

Thanks for your answer 



The videoconference calls are possible between Polycom and Adobe Connect. But for its success we must to have Adobe Flash Media Gateway. Only with this Gateway it is possible and only by streaming, in other words, in this case The polycom cannot interact with other participants, this solution is just for watch the videoconference in real time.


Use this link to see at page 8 and 9 the way for connect to SIP way 




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