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Connecting non hdci camera to HDX 8000

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Connecting non hdci camera to HDX 8000

Is it possible to connect an HD video production camera to the HDX 8000.  The camera has both HDMI and SDI outputs.  Could I use a HDMI to DVI adapter and run it into the DVI-I input.  I realize I wouldn't have control of the camera, but we would have a camera operator running it.  Thanks. 

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Re: Connecting non hdci camera to HDX 8000

You would only be able to run it into camera port 4 of the HDX 8000. None of the other camera ports support DVI signal. If it help I get this from the HDX admin guide on page 3-21.



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Re: Connecting non hdci camera to HDX 8000

There IS a HDCI breakout cable to Component.   I use that all the time connecting to the "Video" board of a large event and they pass back the appropriate video resolution/signal.   In this case, you can use Port 2 for this signal.  Remember, you with HAVE to have a EE camera connected to Port 1 to pass IR if you are using the remote control.


Gary M

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Re: Connecting non hdci camera to HDX 8000

This is very annoying with HDX. and even with GRP series i guess one has to use EE Camera for IR Remote to work. this is so inconvenient when we use HDX 8000 with external camera we have to place that **bleep** EE camera just to point the IR remote to it . why no one in Polycom Design team add one IR sensor to the codec also . Please lean somthing for Lifesize and other competitors..! we are in 2014 time to change Mr. Polycom.! 


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Re: Connecting non hdci camera to HDX 8000

Hello PolycomIndia,

The Group Series 500 for example has the Infrared sensor in the unit itself and not in the camera and I believe this is the same for the 300 or 700.


For HDX's a serial port can be used to connect an external receiver.


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Re: Connecting non hdci camera to HDX 8000

Hi Thank you for your kind reply,


can you suggest any reciever which we can use wth HDX Remote ..?

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