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Content Delay

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Content Delay

Hello Polycom Community,


I am the Audio Visual & Video Conferencing manager for a educational center in Rockville, Maryland called the Unviversities at Shady Grove.


I'm very new to this forum, as to say this is my first post and I really look forward to corresponding with the many Polycom users in hopes of sharing information, knowledge, and advice regarding Polycom products and resources.  That being said  I'm hoping someone can assist me with an issue my campus has been experiencing for past week


We have been experiencing some major delays when send or receiving content with one of our university partners.  We we are in direct call via IP Address and when a Power Point presentation is being transmitted to us, it's taken between 20sec up to 2mins berfore we can see the slide. Once the image comes thru it's distorted and can take up to 1 min. to clear up.

We have conducted many test, adjusting the call speeds to see if that clears up the problem however it persists.  We generally run several VTC classes per/day and we can use up to 3 VTC classrooms in one day,  and we're having the same problem in each room.


We are use  - a Polycom VSX8000, our partner is using  - a Tanberg

We are currently connecting at call speeds of 768


This problem only  happens with this one partner, and no others


What ever solutions, advice or,  suggestions any has would be greatly appreciated



Troy Williams



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Re: Content Delay

You mentioned this only happens with one client and not the others? Is it just the tandberg client?

If that's the case, it might be a negotiation issue, but I'd need further information to try and troubleshoot it.

Do you have any other polycom devices on site? and does this issue happen polycom to polycom?

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Re: Content Delay

There have been content switching issues in the past between Tandberg systems and Polycom.  We will need more exact information as to the type and version of the Tandberg endpoint and is there a gatekeeper or gateway involved?

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Re: Content Delay

I've been experiencing the same problem. The only difference is that there's no third party equipment (Tandberg) involved. 

We're talking about VSX7000 and VSX800 conected trhough MGC-50/100.


Does anybody have some tips to solve this problem with Content Delay ??

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