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Content Delay

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Content Delay

Hello Polycom Community,


I am the Audio Visual & Video Conferencing manager for a educational center in Rockville, Maryland called the Unviversities at Shady Grove.


I'm very new to this forum, as to say this is my first post and I really look forward to corresponding with the many Polycom users in hopes of sharing information, knowledge, and advice regarding Polycom products and resources.  That being said  I'm hoping someone can assist me with an issue my campus has been experiencing for past week


We have been experiencing some major delays when send or receiving content with one of our university partners.  We we are in direct call via IP Address and when a Power Point presentation is being transmitted to us, it's taken between 20sec up to 2mins berfore we can see the slide. Once the image comes thru it's distorted and can take up to 1 min. to clear up.

We have conducted many test, adjusting the call speeds to see if that clears up the problem however it persists.  We generally run several VTC classes per/day and we can use up to 3 VTC classrooms in one day,  and we're having the same problem in each room.


We are use  - a Polycom VSX8000, our partner is using  - a Tanberg

We are currently connecting at call speeds of 768


This problem only  happens with this one partner, and no others


What ever solutions, advice or,  suggestions any has would be greatly appreciated



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Re: Content Delay

Can you provide more info about your system (software ver) and partners (model, software ver)?

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Re: Content Delay

Over the years there have been many incompatibilities between Polycom and Tandberg systems even though both use 'standards'. Below is one example and I would guess your issue is along these lines.  The delay is most likely a resolution that is attempting to be compensated for. Another possibility is mentioned below is the content is being sent as 'people' rather than 'content'.  The VSX will use H239 which is the 'standard' for transmitting content and it works be sending 'dual streams' one for video and one for content.

There may also be network restrictions or traffic that is causing the frame rate to drop very low.

You mentioned this has just started.  Did you have this same problem with this site before? If no then something on their side has changed.

Is your VSX running the latest software? is the latest.  We are always adjusting the software to be compatible with other brands of video systems.

Give our Support a call and we can do some test calls. Both to your system and also, if possible, to the Tandberg site you are having issues with.

Polycom Support



When the content is being displayed through the "People" or main video channel, fuzzy and slightly blurry images of the small font on some of the content PowerPoint slides are definitely visible. This issue is not a Tandberg or Polycom issue, but an issue with H.323 in general. Hi-Res graphics were never designed to be transmitted in the "People" video channel.
At 384K speeds, the Tandberg endpoint negotiated H.264 at 4CIF using the Main camera, and when the video is switched to use the PC or Natural Presenter, the Tandberg endpoint unit negotiated H.264 CIF resolution. CIF resolution is typically 352X288 which is very different from a standard PC resolution of 1024X768. Because the larger video image is being adjusted for the smaller resolution, this is the reason for the fuzzy and blurry video image


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