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Content sharing - Real presence group 500

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Content sharing - Real presence group 500



I am running a realpresence 500 with OS


I am trying to share content between my laptop and the realpresence 500. It does not display tomatically when i connect the laptop and there is no "onscreen" option to display.  I can do it usins polycom people and content IP but its not working with the VGA cable.  H239 is activated ... i also setup the third video input as a "content display" ..


the only thing i can see that is strange is that the "input format" of the third video input is set to "component" ... but its a read only option ...


any idea anyone ??

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Re: Content sharing - Real presence group 500

My guess would be either the output format is not supported, check the RealPresence User's Guide for the supported formats.


Or, your PC is not outputing on the VGA port.

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