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Default Video Output HDX 9000

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Default Video Output HDX 9000

I'm having trouble getting access to a 'new' HDX 9000 that my company bought off of eBay.  I've gotten far enough to get it on our network, and have found it's IP address in DHCP by finding the address lease.  The device name is POLYCOM and the MAC seems to be incorporating part of the serial number, as expected based on other forum topics that I've read.


The problem I'm having is actually accessing the device.  I can ping it and get to the login screen using a web browser, but if I put in admin and then the serial number I can't get in.  I thought to try using it's video output to see if perhaps I'm using the wrong serial number, but the monitor and projector that I tried to plug it into using a DVI cable just show 'no input'.  I'm thinking that perhaps the default resolution is off or something.


Can anyone tell me:


1. For an HDX 9000, is there a different default admin userid and password than for other models?

2. What is the default video settings on these devices?  The only outputs that look usable on the back are the DVI ports, but I suppose I could try and track down other ones if necessary.


Details of the device:


model HDX 9000

Serial: 8208170a05c3p9

MAC: 00e0db0a05c3

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Re: Default Video Output HDX 9000

Try reset to factory defaults. See page 12-2 of Admin Guide.


Or try change video format with the remote control - see pages 12-7 and 12-8

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