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Default presentation / multipoint

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Default presentation / multipoint

Hello Everyone,


Me again with a little problem i have with a new Polycom RealPresence Group 500.


With your help i did setup correctly the presentation when using the system in a "one on one" meeting. But now, i got a problem with the presentation (or view) in a multipoint mode (which i never had with my HDX system). 


It seems the presentation does not adjust itself automatically when you add a third or fourth call to the videoconference ! What i mean is that i start the conference with one site, then add one or two other site but the only site i see on the monitor is the first one. i Have to go back to the Menu-Presentation and choose a different view.


Is there anyway to make this automatic ?  I installed this system in the CEO office so it needs to be simple to use !!


Also, i was my understanding that the Group 500 should support multipoint with 6 sites. I can only see three (3) on the monitor ..


Thank you all again for your help

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