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Director II ceiling mount options

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Director II ceiling mount options

Hi, all - We've got a Director II that we have a need to mount from the ceiling, the walls just won't work. Does anyone have experience for a good shelf for this? 

I'm leaning towards the Vaddio Drop Down Mount for Large PTZ camera, looks like the Director II base would hang off just a bit. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Re: Director II ceiling mount options

Be very cautious with this type of installation.  per the installation directions and for optimum performance the EED2 should not be more than 7' from the floor.  In most locations this does not meet local codes nor ADA regulations for minumum height to ceiling mount an object.

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Re: Director II ceiling mount options

ADA overhead clearance is 80".  7' = 84".  You are good.

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