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Discrete command for PIP location on Group 500?


Discrete command for PIP location on Group 500?



I try to control the PIP presets on a Group 500 with the telnet API, however i can not find any command for direct choice of the PIP location in an ongoing call. I can toggle the locationof the PIP windows by using command "button PIP\n" and i have found out that "button PIP #\n" does recall PIP location but also the preset # stored in camera - so this is not useful in this case. I have not found any way to only recall a specific PIP layout.


When controlling HDX, the command would be "pip location #" (# = 1,2,3....) 


If i enter the menu in an ongoing call and select layout - i can directly select any of the valid PIP locations presented in the OSD, and therefor i would guess that this would be possible to recall from telnet aswell?


Any suggestions?


Tanks for your help!

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Re: Discrete command for PIP location on Group 500?

This command does not currently exist for the Group Series codec.


If this is something you need, which it sounds like you do, I would recommend you have your Polycom SE enter a feature request so that we have record of it.  That is what should happen anytime, anyone has a feature request.


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Re: Discrete command for PIP location on Group 500?

Has a command been developed for this yet?  I have a RealPresence Group 700


When sharing content, my codec always shows near-end camera in the PiP window, instead of far-end camera.  I would like to default to this view, the end-users don't want to have to toggle to this every time.  It's only a problem when sharing content.



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