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Display content on HDX 7000

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Display content on HDX 7000

When I press content on the HDX 7000's remote control during a video call a message is displayed on monitor 1 saying that "PC input resolution and/or refresh rate is not supported.".


The DVI output from a PC, using 1024 x 768 60Hz, is connected to DVI input 3 on the HDX 7000 and DVI output 2 is connected to a digital monitor. When I select display near video for monitor 2 the camera output appears correctly on the digital monitor but when content is selected the above error message is displayed.


Any comments or suggestions appreciated.


Best regards.

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Re: Display content on HDX 7000

Sounds like there is not DVI output signal from PC, double check it

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Re: Display content on HDX 7000

Thank you for your response.


Prior to connecting the PC output to the HDX 7000 the PCs desktop was successfully displayed on a digital monitor, using the same cable that was then plugged in to the HDX 7000, all of which seems to confirm that a signal is being sent from the PC. Also, when "display near video" is checked the camera output is successfully displayed.


However when the content button is pushed without the PC connected the same message about resolution / refresh rate not being supported is displayed.


Any further comments appreciated.



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Re: Display content on HDX 7000



I had a similar issue at a customer of ours, using the latest PC hardware but downgrading the OS software to XP, as their organisation is so embedded with XP only compatible solutions.


Anyway.... after a lot of work we discovered it was the chipset drivers of the later ATI & nVidia cards not doing any negotiation to the HDX content card. Only laptops with Intel based chipsets seemed to have worked.

My method of testing this was to plug a projector in the mix, that had a VGA OUT. conneting VGA OUT to the content input for the HDX and the PC on the VGA INPUT (with projector turned on of course and on VGA source) worked everytime as the negotiation happened via the projector.


Windows 7 or MAC OS on SAME Laptop hardware worked 100% - was not the HDX


Permanent solution was Kramer scaler VP-420 in the mix, as they are not moving on from XP anytime soon and having a PC fleet of over 5000 machines, the scaler was a great work-around $$$ - wise.


Not sure what your environment is but I remembered this when I read your problem description!


All the best!



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Re: Display content on HDX 7000

Thank you for your response and attachment.


As yet I haven't been able to test your explanation but it seems to me to be appropriate, even though Device Manager shows the display adapter as being Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family.


Could you comment on the device shown here as a cheaper alternative to the VP-420 digital scaler, which seems to cost ~$640.


In addition, a further alternative may be the Polycom People+Content IP software, I have downloaded this and will try it when the video conferencing equipment is again available.


Best regards,


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Re: Display content on HDX 7000

We have not had a problem sending video (People, Sharpness) via "VGA" into input 3 on the HDX (720p @ 60hz or 1024x768 @ 60hz). My understanding is that it does not accept a digital signal.

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Re: Display content on HDX 7000

HDX Admin Guide V3.0.5 says Camera 3 input on HDX7000 does DVI-A & DVI-D so it does support a digital input.  It also specifies to acceptable resolutions & refresh rates.  I'm curious to see if Vipers feedback has any effect.  P&C IP software almost certainly will by-pass this issue, but it's not quite the same thing (no audio for 1).

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Re: Display content on HDX 7000

Thank you for your responses and my apologies for not responding before now.


Polycoms People + Content IP package has been installed and a successful trial call, including content, was made; the software was downloaded from here


The original problem is possibly due to some limitation in the PC that is being used for presentations, a Dell Studio Hybrid; a replacement with multiple video adapters may be the eventual solution.


Best regards,


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Re: Display content on HDX 7000

Some hardware versions of the HDX7000s do not accept digital signals. They are VGA only, despite the DVI connector. (I was very annoyed to find out.) I also had an HDX8000 that would not connect properly without a DVI-I cable. Even though the final signal is DVI-D, it would  not sync without a DVI-I cable. That may have been fixed in firmware, I don't know.

Additionally, I put a EDID emulator on some connections to avoid the computer shutting off it's video port if the Polycom unit happens to be off or has sync problems with the HDX. Geffen has a nice one, but the supplied cable is DVI-D only. Short DVI-I cables are tough to find, but Black Box has a 3' DVI-I. You can also fake another monitor with the EDID emulator if necessary.

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Re: Display content on HDX 7000

I am having some similar issues with getting computer content to an HDX system.

Release - 3.1.5-5568     Model: HDX 7000 HD Hardware Version: B

I am using this box on a Conference Room Table (desktop version), and then going into a Tripp Lite Cat5 extender here. which goes to the HDX 7000 with one output and to an LCD screen with the other output.

The box on the table allows VGA, HDMI, S Video and Composite inputs and then upscales to an HD signal, not sure if it does 1280x720 or just 1920x1080.

I then go into and HDMI to DVI converter.  

When I then share content via the remote, I get the typical msg of needing a compatible resolution such as 1024x768 at 60hz.


I've read a few things and am guessing that I need to tell the HDX system that the signal is now digital as opposed to analog (edid) or I need a scaler that forces 1280x720 resolution signal.  


I'd be thankful for additional help that will help me sort out this issues.




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