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Display issue is Polycom RPG 500

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Display issue is Polycom RPG 500

I have Polycom RPG 500

RealPresence Group 500

System Software : Release -

e are facing below issue. We have Polycom RPG 500 (Video Conferencing Equipment) on which we use to connect a laptop for content sharing through laptop like the presentation to a remote party or project our self during the meeting. We use VGA cable to connect laptop with Polycom but we are facing very strange issue when we connect HP PROBOOK 450 (Windows 10, 1803) via VGA Cable the entire screen of Polycom hangs and we need to hard reboot our Polycom device however when I connect another HP laptops like HP PRO BOOK 440 G4 and Lenovo it works fine. I have changed VGA cable (Small One/Default Length) it works fine also with affected HP PROBOOK 450 G5. I have updated my HP PROBOOK 450 G5 BIOS, Drivers but still, the issue exists and I am unable to understand the real issue.


VGA Cable: AMW 2019 80 Degree Centigrade 30 V VW-1 LOW VOLTAGE CABLE


Logs are attached

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Re: Display issue is Polycom RPG 500

Hi @ osama.mansoor,


do an update on your Group and see what happens. It makes basolutely no sense to troubleshoot a device with an unsupported software release from 2012!  Many things changed at the time, eventually Poly fixed some bugs concerning your problem, too. 


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