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Dynamic Provisioning Group 500 - System Name

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Dynamic Provisioning Group 500 - System Name

Hi, I'm attempting to provision some Group 500 and 310 units via RPRM (10.6.0_30) Endpoint > Dynamic Management.

The issue is, we have a 100+ endpoints already manually configured and we would like to keep the current System Names.  Unfortunately I can't seem to find a way to dynamically provision the endpoints without the default GroupSeries name being forced on the units.  I have setup very basic Admin and Network provisioning profiles, have nothing selected under Endpoint naming, though can't see anyway we can keep the current names.  Has anyone had a similar issue and was there a solution?



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Re: Dynamic Provisioning Group 500 - System Name

Yes you can keep the names but you have to choose an unused field in AD for each room system account and make sure the name was you want it is in the field or fields of your choosing, make sure you change the credentials on each endpoint to use the AD account, then on RPRM, under Auto generate Rule, system naming, use the drop down box to point it to the field you used in the AD acct for each system and it will read that field when it provisions and then name the system

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