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Eagle Eye 3 camera starts to flicker

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Eagle Eye 3 camera starts to flicker

Hi Guys


I have a 8000 Codec connected to a Eagle Eye Camera 3.


I am getting a problem where after around 30 minutes on a video call, my camera starts to flicker.  I can see the other side perfectly well, but they can only see a flickering and darkening picture of me which sometimes cuts out completely.    It's been a recurrent problem for a while but seems to be worse at the moment.    

This is if I dial into the US and Singapore systems.


Here is what I have done to troubleshoot the problem:

1: Replaced the Camera serial Cable with a brand new one.

2: Tested the Camera by leaving the VC dialed into a video test number for more than 30mins.

3: Replaced the power supply unit going to the Camera.

4: Checked the Video Conference interface to see if any settings have been changed.

5: Swapped a working Eagle Eye camera with a working camera to check to see if this could be a bad Camera.

6: Checked software version:3.1.2-35267


Please can someone advise if you have come across this problem.




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Re: Eagle Eye 3 camera starts to flicker

It could be a couple of things.


One is the codec part number end in -001 or -002?  The -001 is for NA and NTSC formats.  The -002 is rest of the world (pretty much) and is PAL formats.  If you are using the wrong codec it will cause a flicker.  So if you have a codec manufacured for a PAL country and have it in a NTSC country would could see a flicker.


The other possibility will be power.  If you are powering the camera from a power supply and the codec is on a diiferent circuit you could have an out of phase power which will cause ground loop hum.  It may also cause flicker.  Make sure the camera and the codec are on the same leg of the power grid and share the same ground.  You should also make sure the ground on both outlets is good.





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