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Eagle Eye Camera won't pan left-right

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Eagle Eye Camera won't pan left-right

Hi folks,


I've got an Eagle Eye camera on a conference cart with a HDX 7000 HD Codec (software 3.1.11-53024) that will no longer pan left to right (it can still pan up and down). It is not limp - it will force itself to one side. It doesn't have anything blocking it and doesn't not make any noise when IR signal to move left/right is sent to it.


I have a working system that is identical, so I used it for troubleshooting. Here's a list of what I've done so far:


  • Turned off cart and plugged everything out, waited for a minute and then plugged everything back in.
  • Attempted a known troubleshooting process twice.
  • Plugged the working system's camera into the non-working system's codec. It worked, indicating likely a camera or cable issue.
  • Put it back the way it was. Swapped the camera video cable from the working system with the non-working system. Did not help.
  • Cannot be controlled remotely through Zoom application either.

When I started up the system yesterday, left-right panning suddenly worked again - but the transitioning was quicker and more erratic than the working camera. I moved it from side to side with my hand to feel it - it felt slightly unsmooth/jagged, and then the left-right function stopped working again and it forced itself 180 degrees backwards.


Unfortunately seems like a hardware issue with the camera. But to cover the bases, the next thing I'm planning to try is a factory reset or perhaps a firmware update if available, when I get the chance. I also realized the one thing I didn't do was try to connect the camera from the non-working system into the working system's codec (only did the reverse). In the meantime, I was wondering if anyone has encountered this issue and if it ended up being a plain hardware issue with the Eagle Eye or something else.

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