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Eagle Eye Director II - Standby/gray screen

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Eagle Eye Director II - Standby/gray screen

Hello Community,


I have a Client with an Eagle Eye director ii connected directly to a Group 700 Codec with a straight HDCI to HDCI mini cable (no extender). The Camera is powered with its factory power supply.


Client is having problems with the camera going into standby mode and sending out a grayscale/gray image. This issue is intermittent and not related to sleep settings as those are disabled. This will occur during a video call session or while on the menu screen. Call will not drop and far end participants can be seen, but far end participants can not see local as the camera has gone into standby. 


Client was reseating EEDii power supply to 'reboot' device, but this fix is not perminant. When the codec is rebooted, the camera will operate normally for about a week then fail. 


Does this kind of failure sound like a cable issue? Or perhaps a power supply failing?



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Re: Eagle Eye Director II - Standby/gray screen

Check the release notes and make sure the software version of the EEDII matches that of the codec.


You cna look at the pins on the HDCI to see if any are bent.


Make sure the magnetic feet were installed on the camera before they were installed in the EEDII base.

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