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Eagle Eye Director reverse cameras

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Eagle Eye Director reverse cameras

We have our Eagle Eye director set up at the front of a conference room. Works well for Board meetings etc.


We have a lectern to the right of the cameras (from camera point of view) 


The Eagle Eye Director system is configured by default with the right camera being the wide view camera, and the left camera being the close up camera.


The problem is that when the left camera tries to focus on a speaker at the lectern, the right camera is in the way.


We would like to reverse the cameras but can't see a way to do it in config settings. 


We can't physically reverse the cameras as the cables are too short, are proprietary, and neither Polycom nor anyone else seems to make longer cables.


Anyone else with this issue manage to solve it?

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Re: Eagle Eye Director reverse cameras



Did you installed the latest version? How far is lecturn from eagle eye?

We have this solution and works fine, but we have also an secondary camera.




André Castro,

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Re: Eagle Eye Director reverse cameras

You cannot flip the cameras in the software.


With the latest EagleEye Director software you can remote the Establishing shot camera anywhere within 50' of the EagleEye Director base.  You can move that camera entirely out of the way, and then put the immersive shot camera in the 'center' of the EagleEye Director base.  You will need to add the external power supply to the camera you are remoting from the base.