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EagleEeye HD camera aspect ratio

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EagleEeye HD camera aspect ratio


   We have got an HDX 8000 plus and EagleEeye HD camera and we are interested in configuring output aspect ratio to 4:3. We can set up HDX output to VGA 1024x768 but video output seems flattened becase camera still captures in 16:9. We can see 4:3 aspect ratio config option in camera setup but it cannot be selected.


¿Any other way to force EagleEye camera aspect ratio to 4:3?



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Re: EagleEeye HD camera aspect ratio

The EE camera when connected to a Poly codec will always be at 720p or 1080p 16x9 depending on the camers, that is the way it is initialized from the codec.  


The 3x4 indication is for other cameras connected to the system.


SoundControl, AMX and Crestronl all have rights to the control protocol of the EE cameras from the camera manufacture and could possibly initialize the camera differently via their systems which support the EE cameras.

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